February 3, 2014

Bandwagon Fan?

I was asked to travel to San Jose for a work event.  This is pretty huge because generally, EAs with my company do not travel.  The partner I work for - specifically asked that I travel and attend the event to help.  It actually turned out to be a good thing that I was there because the local EA called out sick.  Anyway - for the social in the evening, Seahawks clothing - or at the very least - colors were required.

Well, anyone who knows me, knows that JB is an EAGLES fan.  There is one Seahawks hat in our house and that's it.  I wasn't going to buy a jersey or shirt that I wouldn't wear.

What I thought I'd do is swing into JoAnn's and get some Seahawks logo'd cotton and make an infinity scarf.  When I got to JoAnn's on the Saturday before I left - they didn't have any Seahawks logo'd fabric. 

What I did find was a deep blue and green striped fabric with a tiny glittery silver stripe between the colors.  So I bought 2.5 yards.  I took it home, washed it, ironed it, played with the layout - cut out another Ottobre Sheath Dress and sewed that baby up in time to leave for the airport at 6p on Sunday!

The sleeves are elbow length with no bands and the neckband was cut with the striped going vertical rather than horizontal.  After I was done I thought - I should have cut it on the bias, oh well.  I put fusible interfacing in the hem of the dress and sleeves.  Otherwise - nothing remarkable about construction.

This dress has seen lots of wear already in it's short lifespan.  It made an appearance in San Jose with grey boots and a silver cardigan - but it was hot and the cardi got ditched early.  Then on casual Friday - I wore it as pictured.  And of course it made an appearance at the Superbowl watching yesterday.  Most of the women there wanted their own Seahawks dress.  But it will remain one of a kind. 

***  While this dress might not be my best look - horizontal stripes, close fitting, clingy knit.  I will say - it's comfortable and forgiving.  I feel very girly and curvaceous and not necessarily as aware of the shortcoming of my shape when I wear one of the 4 dressed made from this pattern that are in heavy rotation in my closet.  So - I think I will continue making this pattern and learn to accessorize to my advantage. 

you can just see the silver sparkle and neckband stripe
going the opposite direction.
***  While JB is getting better at taking photos - he takes more than one, he makes me laugh, we move around the house (remember when he took one shot?).  Now I need to start asking him if my clothes are hung up on anything apparently. 

***  I am really ready for a haircut!  My roots are very obvious.  And long - man, my hair is getting long! 

So - what do you wear that makes you feel comfortable and fabulous?  Is it your 'best' look?  What about the garment makes you feel that way?  Is it a color, style or shape?

So - to answer my heading question - nope, not a bandwagon fan, just a *team player*.


  1. Great looking dress and perfect for the Seahawks.

  2. I love stripes, and this dress is great!

  3. Cute dress, great colors on you! How nice to get a little time in a warmer climate, and especially nice that your boss specifically wanted you!

  4. OH! HUGE phooey on the horizontal stripes comment, the dress looks FABULOUS on you! Seriously, I LOVE it!!! I want one! Actually...I have one similar to it in my closet but it, um...must've shrunk in the wash?? yeah, that's it.
    Great job on the dress...and YAY SEAHAWKS!!!!!

  5. Perfect for the occasion, and a bonus that it's a garment that you love wearing!

  6. Love the stripes.. The dress looks comfortable, and looks nice on you.. Happy sewing.

  7. Agree with others above, stripes or not, the dress looks fab on you! Wish I had known you were so nearby...San Jose is doable for me.

  8. Such a fun dress - I love the fabric AND the fact that you made it so quickly!!!

  9. Great! You'll get lots more use from that fabric than from a team print. It looks commfy, too.

  10. Love it! I have a very similar dress from Old Navy and I may wear it tomorrow with blue leggings and boots for a trip to the vet in the snow...

    I try to only own clothes that make me feel fabulous and comfort is critical. One doesn't look fab tugging and fidgeting.

  11. Hi G!! I Love The Color And Dress On You! So Effortlessly Chic I Would Say! Saw THis fabric And I Put It Back Thinking "Later", Lol. Now Am Too Broke From The Sewexpo :)


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