June 2, 2013

Another Version of McCalls 6713

Wow!  Where have I been?  Nowhere really.  I've been getting settled into a new routine with a new job in a new industry.  The only constant has been that I'm still admin.  Admin doesn't change based on who you are supporting.  That being said - there is a lot to learn at my new job.  We are head down busy all day long.  Also - I feel a bit like a dog who's just seen a squirrel.  I'll be in the middle of something and get a new urgent request - Squirrel!  And I'm off on a new task.  Don't get me wrong - I'm loving it! 

I was very worried about my wardrobe going in and I'm learning I didn't need to be.  I have lots of clothes and just about everything works. 

 My third version of McCalls 6713 and I still like this dress.  This is a very fluid knit that I bought many years ago.  It is a tiny floral with darker pinks and grey in it.  The pattern has enough of a sleeve that I don't have to wear a cardigan all day (no sleeveless policy) - pale pink or grey.  I did not add the drape to this version and the skirt isn't as full as the polka dot dress - different fabric, different results. 

Also - I did not wear pink keds all day.  I wore my grey pumps, I just didn't feel like changing my shoes when I had JB's attention and he was willing to take photos.  

This dress is fun, feminine and easy to wear.  I feel pretty and sassy when I wear it. 

Looking at the photos - I need to work on doing my face a bit better.  I have been putting make up on every single day since changing jobs and making an effort to fix my flat and lifeless hair.  When these photos were taken - my hair was way past due for a cut and color (which has now happened).

There has been more sewing since this dress was made.  However, we finally have Spring in Seattle and I want to sit outside and knit or read rather than be inside sewing.

Happy June everyone.  Hopefully - I'll be more present in the space - I have missed you all.  g


  1. Hey I totally understand. I thought that was why you were MIA. I'm glad that the dress code works with your current wardrobe and I'm happy that you're liking the new challenges of your job. Like the dress...definitely make more!

  2. We've missed you too. Love the dress, looks comfy.

  3. Sounds Like You Are EnjoyinG The NeW Job. Happy To Hear This! :) And ThIs Dress Is Very Pretty, I Love It!

  4. I figured you were very busy with the new job, so happy you like it. I really like your dress.

  5. I rather like the pink Keds! Glad to see you back...I've been sewing too, and you know what that means...we need to go fabric shopping!

  6. I'm so glad your wardrobe works ! You were worrying like I do - and that's NOT a good thing LOL :-)

    There's just so much to learn while settling into a new job - I'm happy it's going well. We're way too quiet these days, I'd love to be busy - or busier, at least.

    M6713's sitting on my desk but haven't done anything with it yet. I wanted to play with a woven so the in-progress dress is a shirtdress M6506.

  7. Love the dress with the pink Keds - very cute and flirty.

  8. Missed you too! Love the dress. Head down at work is to true. Sometimes we are just coming up for air all night.

  9. Your dress is lovely g! Really like the light, spring look. Glad your dress collection will be used for your new job too!

  10. Love the dress and the pink Keds. I might need some of those - the Keds. I'm trying to convince myself I have enough clothes.

  11. I love it! It's a feminine pattern, and a very feminine print. Perfect for summer.

    Hope you settle well into the new job, and don't have to chase too many squirrels!

  12. I love the dress. Your face is beautiful and makeup is greatly overrated. You look wonderful with the natural look!! Congratulations on the new job.


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