November 20, 2012

Zig Zag Wrap Dress

It was a long day and honestly, I was ready to change and eat.
I was tired of waiting for JB and he decided that's when he'd start taking photos.
But this is how I wore the dress all day - with a red cardi.

I wore a black slip under the dress and grey tights and pumps.  Can you believe I don't own a pair of black pumps?  I know - me either.  Must be time to go shopping. 

Looking at the photos - I can see that the cheater step I took to hem this dress isn't holding and I need to add some stitches. 

This is the 3rd version of B5454 and with the exception of the ties - they are way too long, I love this dress.  It's comfortable,
easy to wear, and I feel cute and stylish.  There will definitely be more versions of this dress.

While I did an okay job matching the print across the waist seam and shoulders - I did a really crappy job matching the print at the side seams.  Don't believe me?  See below.


  1. I actually love that seated photo of you, and the grey shoes with that dress.

    You know, none of us would have known the seams didn't match perfectly if you hadn't shown us. I bet no one noticed while you were looking ziggy-hot all day either. Just sayin'...

  2. this looks like such a wearable dress :o)
    (and the seated picture is great!)

  3. Another great dress! No wonder you're making so many of them - so comfy and practical. But do cheer up! You're so clever and resourceful to be not only making your own fashion but you're also generously inspiring others by blogging about it!

  4. Definitely should make this again...and I really like this version especially the first picture! As for the matching, really who noticed. Next time you will do better.

  5. You look as tired as I feel.

    That's a fun dress and no one is going to try to follow the zig zag to see if it matches. They'd go blind trying.

  6. You've got some really cute and wearable dresses ! Love the first pic :-)

  7. Cute, cute dress!

    The red cardi is perfect, as would a black one, a white one, a gray one, a purple one, a yellow one. . .

  8. I really like the seated photo of you! that dress is really cute, and the red cardi adds just the right amount of color. Glad you've found a pattern that you love. As for side seam matching? No one's going to notice. It's a very busy pattern. (my side seams never match, no matter how hard I try.)

  9. This totes makes me think of a Missoni dress! I love the print and cardi combo :)

  10. It is great with the red sweater!! red and black are so classic! You look wonderful

  11. I love how you are "working" this dress with the various mood shots LOL Love that print it really is zippy and upbeat for work, play or anything inbetween. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ we were away but today I cooked a full turkey dinner so we don't miss out on leftovers :)


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