December 27, 2011

So Far Behind

~ I'm never gonna get caught up

~ After DC, we went everywhere - 5 states and a district in 10 days (DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.)

~ I was able to meet 3 blogging friends in person, but only took photos of one (which I've shared)

~ I went fabric and yarn shopping - didn't buy much of either.

~ We came home and the holidays were in full swing.

~ I was able to make some things happen this year by making them social (the holiday lights)

~ My friend Y and took Cuteness to see the gingerbread houses.
~ The theme this year was train stations and they were beautiful as always.

~ Cuteness loved the Merry Go Round.

~ Cuteness was scared of Santa

~ I did all my holiday sewing last minute.

~ It's still not done.

~ Saturday is my 17th Anniversary.
~I think I have enough apps on my phone.

~Anyone have a Nook?   I haven't downloaded a single book yet.

~The holidays are low key at our house and for that I'm thankful.

~Hope you had a holiday that was Merry and Bright and that you safely see in 2012.

~I miss this space and will make more efforts to be here more often in 2012.

~I miss my velveteen friends.

~Thank you all.


  1. I always enjoy your gingerbread castle pictures - they're too big to be just houses. Hope you've had a chance to rest up and enjoy your Christmas break. And happy anniversary a couple of days early! 17 years is just wonderful!

  2. The houses are really something - imagine the time they take !
    Low key is good - ours usually is, too.
    Hope 2012 is good to you :-)

  3. Turns out podunk has a small gingerbread house festival. I missed it. Maybe next year?

  4. What great gingerbread buildings. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

    I have a Kindle and a Kindle Fire. I've been playing Angry Birds all morning.


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