August 21, 2011


Do brides do this to their friends?  My gradeschool friend is getting married next Saturday and has asked me to be in the wedding.  First, let me just say - I think there should be an age limit on being a bridesmaid - and when you're pushing 50 you're too old! 

Second - I don't care how thin you are - this dress is not flattering on anyone.  Well it's not horrible on the model, but that's not how it looks in real life.  This dress was originally $100 at JCPenney, and color we're waiting is a strange mauvy violet.

There is no waist defination that that model has in the photo.  And can I just say?  a 16 was too big for me but a 14 wouldn't zip over my bust!  My friends have all had a good laugh at that one.  My rib cage is wide, but my actual bust is small.  Today, I took it apart and let the bodice out as much as I could - about an inch and there is no room for anything but me under the dress.  Braless at a church wedding - aren't there rules about that?


  1. Thankfully I have never stood up in a wedding - no closet full of nasty bridesmaid dresses for me!

    I feel your pain though - just smile and try not to have 'the girls' fall out of your dress. ;)

  2. I've told you I was braless in my wedding gown...

    And the model is in such an odd position that who knows how it really looks on her?

  3. That's why when I got married I picked a color scheme and told everyone to get whatever they liked in those colors. They did and everyone was comfortable in clothes they could use again.

  4. It may be appropriate for a bridesmaid to be pushing 50, as long as the bride is, too. And I guess she was looking for "fat girl friendly" dresses, thus no waist definition. So sorry you have to suffer through this.

  5. I was just asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding for June 2012. Thank goodness the bride has enough sense to let us pick the dresses we want, but in a color she likes. Which is purple and fine by me.

    I will, however, be the oldest on standing on the bride's side.

  6. Congratulations to your friend! She certainly waited a long time for her special day. I don't think you should care a hoot about the dress and whether it's a perfect fit ~ just go and have fun and pin a corsage of flowers at your breast. I also think there is probably something like a modesty shield available if you feel the dress is a tad revealing..... Just go with it and in a few hours it will all be over but your friend will always remember you being part of her wedding. ((hugs))

  7. Mr. Puffy and I are in total agreement, I have to pick a Mother of the Bride dress and hope I don't look to matronly--I am still hoping for a really smart pant suit!

    Enjoy yourself at the wedding!


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