August 4, 2011

Toys on Tour

Beau likes toys as big as his head.
He's not suppose to take his toys outside.
Because when he leaves them out, he won't play with them anymore.
His new favorite 'game' is to take his toy for a tour around the yard.
Bringing it back in.
First they go outside and he shows "big bear" where he sleeps during the day.

Then, they walk the path back to the house.

And come flying back up the stairs to lay down on an inside bed.
It's a tough life.

Happy Dogs on Thursday.


  1. Awww, Beau - you are utterly huggable (and your bear)!!!

  2. What a sweetie! Love the pics! Happy DOT's!

  3. What a hoot. Mugsy was the only dog of mine who would bring a toy back in after leaving it outside. Gretchen will trot one out once in a while, and when I see it happen, I try to go rescue the toy immediately.

  4. Beau is too funny! Kodi likes to take toys outside too! He has started packing Jo's stuffed bear around (Much to the chagrin of mJo), so I had to bust out the back up bear to prevent a smackdown. Not sure who the winner would be in that one!

  5. This is so sweet!!! Loved the photos, too.

  6. He's a good boy to bring it back inside. Bailey left both Monkey and Puppy out last night and we had a rain storm, so they're both drying out now.

  7. Too cute! Toys need a good airing now and then, right?

  8. Oh, this is just adorable. I love that he's taking his toys outside for a little walkie.

  9. That's adorable! If only you could train them to clean up after themselves when they "Kill" their toys.

  10. LOL That's cute. Give that big oaf a kiss on the nose for me.


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