August 25, 2011


Today I'm reminding myself of the all the really simple things in life there are to be thankful for, here's some of mine. Wanna share yours?

::charity dog washes::

::being able to keep these houndies in kibble::

::beautiful weather and health to be able to walk the dogs to get their bath::

::side benefit is that the car doesn't still smell like wet dogs!::

:: affording the perfect finish to our yard::

::safe kids::

::knowing that buying fabric because I'm not sewing isn't going to bankrupt us::

::JB asking "what is Webs" while reviewing the credit card statement, and then saying - cool::

::webs is a yarn store - I bought another cardigan's worth of yarn::

::having knitting plans::

So - what are you thankful for today? 


  1. LOVE the fence! That's fabulous.

  2. Your yard looks great, and the houndies are as adorable as ever.

  3. The Fence looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person.. We are both safe.. and in the overall sence, Happy. Abboosie looks adorable as always! Glad the houndies are clean!

    Was that webs order for Corinne?

  4. Samba had a whole day of tests yesterday and I'm thankful that she doesn't have kidney or bladder stones.

  5. LOL Love JB's response. The yard looks great! Very pretty.


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