August 17, 2011

Slow Sewing

 I know this is not what people mean when they refer to slowing down and enjoying the process.

I just tend to be a really slow sewer these days.  I feel like nothing gets completed.  There is still a stack of cottons on the cutting table wanting to be summer dresses - um, maybe summer 2012.

Last weekend I had 4 days off - between running errands, cleaning house and all the stuff that had to be done - I managed to make 3 pillow cases.  Yep - that's all.

Why yes - they are rather juvenile - but that's okay.  I'll be sending them to a servicemember in Afganastan who loves John Deere tractors.  It's the least I can do.

The fabric was really horribly printed - but what can you expect from the big box craft store that poses as a fabric shop?  They were quick and easy to make and they will make someone's day - what more can you ask of a sewing project? 


  1. They're cute. They'll make him happy, and he won't have to worry about "ruining" them. That makes it perfect, right?

  2. Awesome idea! I have a friend locally, who started a project to make pillowcases for foster children. A little thing that shows a lot of caring. Go you!

  3. A nice, thoughtful gift. Some days I just can't seem to get anything done even though I have really good intentions.

  4. They're cute. And no one will notice that the printing isn't perfect, other than you. I'm sure your service member will enjoy them!

  5. My first reaction was - John Deere fabric? REALLY? But then I read further and saw that it was for a worthy cause! And I applaud you.

  6. Are your pillowcases part of some project for service members? How did you happen to know he liked John Deeres? I ask because I would like to be part of this! It would be nice to connect with them to find out their interests too! Good for you for finding time to do this.


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