August 23, 2011


The other thing my friend asked me to do was make the ring pillow for her wedding.  So of course I had to do this before altering my dress this weekend. 

I started by embroidering their names in two colors.  They are having a lavendar, mauve as accent colors, so I used that just in the shadow.  With white on white.  Once their names were embroidered, I figured out the placement of the hand then then added their wedding date under it.

The last thing to do was to embroider the hand adding the ribbons to tie the rings on and then make it into a pillow.  It's a 12" pillow form which is the smallest I could find.  I overlapped the back pieces by 3" and added no closures of any type.

I can see this living on their bed after the wedding.  I hope they like it. 


  1. Cute idea. When is this wedding?

  2. What a special gift! It's beautiful.

  3. You are so clever and talented! I'm sure your friends will love their pillow and keep it forever.

  4. They should like it. It's very pretty.

  5. Such a lovely pillow for them to have! I'm sure B & G will love it :)

  6. What a lovely gift! That came out so nice - is it your own design? It's machine embroidery - I couldn't imagine doing it that quickly by hand. So impressed!!!! So I see the wedding prep continues - LOL


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