April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I need a little attitude adjustment these days.
so - must be time for a Thankful Thursday - as most weeks I'm always thankful for my spouse who loves me and healthy kids, but this crazy week has also brought others things to the forefront:
*healthy dogs
*my creativity and it's ability to sooth my soul
*learning to dress myself (finally)
*my job - as hectic, crazy and stressful as it is, I'm a valued employee and they work with me and the craziness my life sometimes contains
*taking dogs to work.

Photo from All Saints Clothing in downtown Seattle - I love all the sewing machines in the window.


  1. Do you take your dogs to work, too? I used to do that occasionally. Now they help ,e with everything I do.

  2. I'm thankful for great blog friends like you Gaylen, who encourage me...a great husband who enables my crafty whinms and healthy kids...especially that wonderful grandson! And dogs to work...it would be rather lonely without Jo running the office!

  3. Neat photo, but I do hope you have a camera on your phone and there's a photo coming of Abby at work!!

  4. Do the houndies get to go to work? When we used to go to the office, no one would be hired unless they liked the giant canine who ran the place. He's great for running of pesky salesmen, too!

    Happy Thursday; hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. I'm usually thankful that my dogs can be at work with me...since I work at home, but there ARE times....

  6. Yes, we need pics of the working dog. : )


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