April 13, 2011

Completely Frivolous

Every now and again, I find a fabric that is so completely fun that I just can't pass it up.  This is one of those fabrics.  It's absolutely perfect for a Seattle Spring Day.  Honestly!  It's covered in rainboots.

The tee is made from a Hunter Safety Orange cotton knit.  It really doesn't have wrinkles across the shoulders - it's simply stuck on Lu's undershirt.  The orange tee perfectly matches the orange rainboots in the skirt fabric.

I always wonder what people honestly think when they see me in outfits like this.  Is it as bad as the woman at the grocery store in her flannel jam pants and slippers?  Honestly?  I do wonder if I shouldn't be upping the anty and dressing like I'm quickly approaching 50 - and then I see this adorable fabric and I can't help myself it - it was bought and sewn on Saturday.


  1. I think it's cute! Who would think you were the crazy pajama lady anyway? You need bright colors on rainy days anyway.

  2. I love it! If yo go and start acting nearly 50, does that mean I have to act grown up, too? (asks the lady still in her jams at noon, just because she can)

  3. Oh please. You're as bad as MJ. The rules about "dressing your age" have changed. It's a fun, happy skirt with THE hot color for spring on top.

    Wear it with pride.

  4. I adore fun fabrics, so you won't get any criticism from me. ;)

  5. NO NO NO!!! Do not start dressing like an old lady. You're as old as you think you are. I'm about 22.

    There was a woman at a restaurant we were at last week in jammies and bunny slippers. Some people are just nuts or else she thinks she's 4 years old. Oh well!

  6. It is so cute! I'm over 50 and Please don't dress how you "think" you should! Dress in what makes you happy - like that fun skirt. That being said, I do cringe when I see women who are obviously over age 50 dressing like they just graduated from high school.


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