January 10, 2011

White Light

Today is a big day.  My friend Sissy is having surgery today.
Please send her lots of white light and good wishes.

It's also The Princess' (I'd link to her blog, but she claims to be too busy to update!)
25th birthday.  So write on her wall, send her an email, of load her blog withs comments.

Finally - The Musical One passed an important work test.
We are very proud.


  1. Good vibes of course going out to Sissy today... I hadn't realized TODAY was THE day!

  2. We're all crossing our paws for Missy Sissy. We know she'll do well.

  3. You may inspire me to use my sewing machine for more than embroidery! I have the perfect material for making a needle case that's been around for a couple of years. It's time to get it out and under the presser foot.

  4. My oldest son is 27 today! When did we get so old? Happy Birthday to your Princess!

  5. Wow...how is it that YOU have a 25 yr old princess? I'm an oldie...my not-quite-a-prince will be 27 this month. Happy birthday.

  6. Congrats to Musical and hope Princess had a lovely day.

    Thanks for the good wishes. She just howled at the UPS man, so while she slumbers again, I think we're on the mend.

  7. Hoping all went well for Sissy yesterday AND that the princess had a great day as well!

  8. Lots of white light. Pass along my b'day wishes to the Princess and congratulations to the Musical One. : )


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