January 16, 2011

Too Much To Do

New Pattern - waiting to be sewn

so little time.  I don't know how other people manage to sew after work during the week - I cannot manage it no matter how much I think I can.  And there are day - like yesterday - when I hate working full time.  I was only partially teasing JB on Friday night when he was complaining about having to work on Saturday that I had to work too.  He thought I meant that I had to go into the office - I meant work around the house. 

For some unknown reason, I am unable to settle down and do something fun and enjoyable for myself if the chores haven't been done.  So - this is what my list looked like yesterday:

~JoAnn's to buy more of the same fabric to make the Sew Serendipity skirt again.  I love the fabrics, like the style and have a date with a sewing friend to work out the fit issues.

dogwood blossoms
~PetCo to stock up on dog food.  We buy kibble 7 bags at a time.  Crazy - I know.  But see, they offer a discount if you buy 200# at a time and it's not like we won't use it, right?  While in that shopping plaza I wanted to pop into Old Navy and get some new yoga pants - well they weren't on sale any longer, so I didn't get any.  I also walked down to Famous Footwear - I'm on the hunt for some tall grey boots with a heel, they didn't have anything worth even checking to see if they had my size.  Tons of really cute, short boots, but those are so hard to wear.
~Post office to pick up my package from KnitPicks.  This particular post office is always really, really busy.  So I stood in line for my turn for 20 minutes, then waited at the counter almost another 20 minutes only to be told they couldn't find my package.  ARG!  I was ready to start the Dogwood Cardigan.

~Finally - grocery store.  Our freezer is stocked with plenty of meat, but I run out of fresh fruit, veg and stuff to make a meal with.  Well - let me first say - never go shopping hungry.  We now have plenty - really!  I also have lots of snacks for the next couple of weeks.  Go weight watchers.

By the time I got home, I needed to eat and then I was just too done to head downstairs.  I think I finally made it down around 5.  I got 4 sleeves put together - come to find out, that jean jacket?  Not one cut out but two!  So I'm sewing them together in tandem.  They will both work with the red cord. 


  1. I totally relate to your post. I can't settle down til the chores are done either! And 7 bags of kibble aren't crazy...it's saving money! We used to buy it by the ton when we had the sled dogs and then every time we opened a bag I would deduct the price of one bag from the checking account. That way when we had the money in the account to buy the next ton. Hope you get to play today.

  2. Instead of just starting what I want to do in the morning, I try to get other things done and save the evening for my time. Then when evening comes, I'm too tired or I've lost interest. So my projects don't get done.

  3. Most nights I'm too darn tired to sew after work too. Especially this time of year. Once it's dark out (which seems to happen at 5:00 pm these days), I'm ready to hibernate for the evening.

    So, I try to sew some on the weekends, but like you, I have a million errands and other things to do instead.

    I find that my main sewing occurs during my holidays (March Break, 2 months in the summer and Xmas). I guess I'm lucky that I get so much time off to sew or I'd likely be wandering around naked. Yikes!

  4. yeah, so yesterday I... let's see... worked all morning photo finishing senior portraits (oh, joy) and then... accomplished very little else. unless you count watching "The A-Team" (the movie, not the tv show-- I've gotta say, although he's not exactly my type, I'm sort of starting to heart Bradley Cooper).

    today I was super-productive and I made a gajillion... hair scrunchies. and that's as far as I've gotten.

    You are WAY ahead of me. I'm impressed.

  5. Sewing after work doesn't happen in my house either. Home at 6, supper, clean up, exercise when I 'make' the time to fit it in and bed by 9:30. You know how many mistake I could make if I tried to sew ? ! LOL

    At any rate, after months of nothing, there WAS sewing stuff happening in my sewing room today - Yay me !

    I got my very first KnitPicks order right before Christmas. Made a homemade swift and now once the last 4 hanks are wound, I'll be all set to blatently copy your brown paper bag set up for my sock knitting :-)

  6. Cute dress. Sorry your KP order wasn't where it was supposed to be. Poooo!

  7. Yup, I'm tired now and I didn't have your list yesterday! I HATE grocery shopping AND the PO. I'm pretty much a hermit!

    have you checked the Naturalizer website for gray boots? They are having a sale I think.

  8. Your Saturday does NOT sound like my kind of fun...at all! However, If it makes you feel better, I don't think I've knit a single stitch since Thursday night, and have sewed only one cozy all year long. (2011)

  9. That's the way I feel lately. Just not enough time for everything. /sigh/ They've already messed with our Zodiac signs and the poles, can't they add another hour in the day?

  10. LOVE that cardigan!
    We buy our kibble 4 of the large bags (35 lb I think?) at a time and are fortunate enough to be able to get it through a friend at wholesale cost... we buy it about once a month now though.


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