January 19, 2011


I'm seriously considering Sal's Self-Guided Makeover.  The problem is - I did (what I imagine) a very similar thing with my ASG several years ago.
I bought all the Fall Fashion Mags that year.  Ripped out pages, circled stuff, wrote on them, and then the girls helped me figure out what it was that I was drawn to. 

The verdict was that I love very classic styles, give me a shirt dress (don't have one) a sheath dress (don't have one) or a pencil skirt (again, don't have one) with a turtleneck and I'm a happy girl.  Make those garments in very traditional colors - think red, camel, navy, grey - but skip the black - and I'd be a pig wallowing in mud. 

So - what's wrong with me?  I make 90% of the clothes I wear - why is a turtleneck the only TNT pattern I have?  What's stopping me from making the others?

I think some is body shape - but still, I should be able to wear them if they are fitted correctly.  Share with me - what clothing styles are you drawn to - but for some reason, you don't wear them?  Why not?


  1. My problem is I don't know how to dress the body I have. Now it's changing again, but another month or so and it should be back to a size/shape I know what to do with again.

    I keep trying to wear slacks, and even at my slimmest, I can't make slacks work but so well!

  2. I'm drawn to the more "classic" styles also...however, my current body shape/size makes me seek out tents, for better cover. :-)

  3. It's definitely a body-shape issues. I have these exact same issues. I think "I love that style, but I can't wear that..." And in my case, it's not like I can try on RTW to see how a new-to-me style will look. That's the whole point of my making my own clothes in the first place. And do I want to spend all that money and time cutting out and muslining stuff just on the off chance that it looks good? No. Not really.

    And on and on and on... there's no real excuse. It's just a mental block that needs to be gotten around.

    Er. In my case. I have no idea about you, I'm just happily projecting on to you.

    Cute skirt, btw. Make one. See what happens.

  4. I always love seeing models in classic trousers or skirt with a crisp white blouse and maybe a pretty jacket. Trouble is they're all tall with long legs. My sister is built like that, but I'm short with short legs.

    I used to really dress well when I was working in an office, before I became kennel help. Now I dress for the job, easy wash pants and shirts. I always have dog prints within minutes of changing clothes.

  5. Well..I'm with beangirl. I just don't sew as many clothes as I need to/want to because of the body shape issues. It takes me so long to trace, muslin, alter, muslin, etc. that I never get to the actual finished garment in a lot of cases. It's frustrating and exhausting. And I can barely find anything in RTW to try new styles. Even "plus" stores are hit or miss (mostly miss).

  6. And here's me all jealous of Angie A and her amazing ability to make cute clothes for herself in all sorts of interesting styles... yikes. If she's not happy, I must be a real disaster. Ack.

    I still say, make a skirt, see what happens.

  7. I like backless Summer dresses ~ so fun and flirty to wear. But for obvious reasons (age) I don't wear them anymore ;) Lanz of Salzbury had beautiful classic styles when I was young.

  8. I started trying sheath dresses last winter and summer,l and have a couple of patterns I'm OK with. I have shied away from them because I'm afraid of the fit not being right if I'm not using a stretch knit. I am afraid of looking pudgy in a pencil skirt. But this weekend, there is a piece of brown stretch velour on the table for me to try a pattern I've had and yearned to use for 3 years, but have been scared to try. Since I don't love brown, and I got this 2 yard piece for $1.50 on sale, I feel like I don't have much to lose here. I think that is the heart of the matter: we're afraid of wasting time and money on something that will just be horrid.

    BTW, I love Ruth seeking out tents. I nearly choked in laughter over that.

  9. there are certain dresses & skirts I would love to wear, but they look better with heels. until this knee is fixed, no heels for me... which might mean never. Being under 5 feet tall, heels would really help certain outfits. flats just seem to reinforce that "little girl" look. I want to wear more grown up clothes, but they just need heels. at this point, i cannot do even a small kitten heel. some of flats are even out because the soles are too slippery. I am too young to wear sensible shoes!

  10. I 'like' the classic, fitted styles, but I 'wear' the tents that scrabblequeen mentioned.

    It's getting better though, my sewing items are more fitted than before and I'm getting a bit more comfortable.


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