January 14, 2011


But not enough for a snow day
Tuesday night it snowed, but overnight it warmed up enough to rain
Wednesday's commute was warm and wet.

Blurry photo - it was dark out, but I sorta got it.
I couldn't get the one I wanted - the sky was glowing orange
no mater where I put the auto settings, i couldn't get the pic.
I even switched to A priority and P priority
as well as full manual - time to read the manual

Hope this winter gives you just enough snow days.


  1. We'd like more snow and less cold. It was 2 degrees yesterday morning when I got up. That's way too cold.

  2. Heh..I keep threatening to read the manual for my camera, too. If you do it, let me know if it helps! I like your "Monet" style pic.

  3. You need the night time setting, if your camera has one, so it will open the lens for longer. Then you'll need to rest the camera on your railing so it will stay steady for probabyl up to 1/2 second. It's not easy taking semi-dark pictures!

  4. There was still snow on the ground in spots at Quantico. Brrrrr!

  5. I'm ready for ours to go away. Nasty stuff. Blech.


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