January 6, 2011

Roocy Rou

Our Lucy is a hot mess.  She's allergic to everything.  Can you even imagine being a dog allergic to grass?  Poor thing - guess that's what happens your human mother thinks she can make alot of money having puppies in her backyard and you are one of 11 puppies from the 3rd litter in 4 heat cycles. 

We do everything we can to keep Lucy comfortable.  We feed quality kibble, give lots of treats and buy her wee little hedgies.  She gets to go for long walks on the weekends and she knows how many treats the latte stand hands out.

This past summer we switched her from 4 claritin a day to a combined steroid and antihistamin.  She was doing really well on it for awhile, but I think she very quickly builds up a tolerance to any drugs.  Because she's started her "bear" act again.  She walks up to any corner and stands and rubs her nose on the corner.  

I tried getting an action shot - but even with the 'running man' setting I couldn't get it.  I'm still sharing the blurry photos however.  


  1. Poor Lucy - and her poor mother - that's too many puppies - I'm a firm believer in only one litter per year! I know you've probably tried Benadryl - it's inexpensive and it usually works, but it might make her sleepy.

    Our sweet Java Bean was allergic to flea spit which I thought was funny for a dog. Fortunately only one flea ever spit on him at a dog park - after that - no more dog parks so no more fleas.

    Have a great day,

  2. Poor girl. MOnty was one big walking allergy, too. I felt so helpless just trying to keep up with treating the symptoms. Good luck.

  3. Poor girl! Hopefully it's a simple adjustment of her meds...

  4. This may seem like a silly question, but what are "hedgies"?

    Tell Lucy I hope those itches go away soon! Poor girl.

  5. Aw, poor baby! Tell Lucy I am allergic to grass too. ;)

    If you're indoors and no good window's/light coming in, you're probably getting the blurries because there's not enough light for the shutter speed. (You might need to use a flash in other words, even though we all told you not to use a flash earlier. haha. They do make things called "hoods" for your flash, for indoors that softens the light so you don't get that harsh FLASH! look. Or a fancy schmancy external flash, which I have and always forget about dragging out.) Indoors are just tricky.

  6. Oh Lucy! We understand how terrible the itchies are, as we are prone to 'hot spots' too. So glad you have a momma who works hard to keep you itch free!
    Woofs! Sasha and Misty

  7. Gretchen is miffed that I didn't make time to pack her Relief shampoo and spray up and ship it to Lu today. I tried to explain that both are out of date, and that Luce has her own vet with her own plan, but Gg is becoming quite the little doctor, it would seem!

    Gg is also very allergic to grass. Once we stopped letting them out front and only send them into their own pen, the allergies stopped.

  8. Poor Lucy! I have no clue what to do with a dog (or person) with allergies. I was trying to remember if Lucy has a second name. I know Beauregard James and Abigail Jane, but could only remember Lucy and Dudley with no second names attached. (Yes, it's my brain's odd way of jumping from one topic to another).

  9. Awww, I feel bad for Lucy. Jazzy knows a little about being itchy. She has alergies too, she has to use a special shampoo that helps with her itchies. Only once did we have to give her steroids to make her stop scratching & pulling her hair out. I hope Lucy is feeling better now.


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