January 30, 2011

Not Much of Anything

I didn't get much of anything done this weekend.  I woke up with a back ache on Saturday, so I didn't do much except vacuum and knit this weekend.  I didn't even cook until Sunday night.  JB took me out of Friday night, then again on Saturday and this morning we went out for breakfast - so much for my diet, eh?

But I did think about sewing this weekend - specifically about this dress pattern.  Patty (the Snug Bug) made an adorable version which can be seen on her blog - here - and I can't get it out of my mind. 

I love her style, I love the crazy funky clothes she wears.  She's currently working on a skirt made from a lovely cord covered with cherries.  It's most likely something I would buy if I found it.  Oh - and she has a Basset Hound!


  1. Soooo, where'd you eat?? Missed hearing from you this weekend..pout

  2. That is a super cute dress - maybe one day, I might try to make garments again. You do inspire me.

  3. Cute pattern. I like the bright border print she used for it. What fabric are you considering?

  4. Way to make me click over to a sewing blog. Add basset will click...

    Janie and I decided this weekend we're going to take a sewing class together. Both of us have machines we don't know how to use.

  5. I can't believe I'm commenting on a sewing post, but here goes.
    I did not like the picture of the dress on your blog. Not. At. All. However, I did look at Patty's blog (before I saw the Bassett thing!) and I LOVE what she did with the dress. I especially love the way it's less busy up top, and your eyes are drawn down by the print and border. That Colette person/company should use Patty for their patterns!
    Anon Miss D.
    P.S. You should totally make that dress.

  6. In my little corner of the world, we can't even think of summer dresses yet...sigh. It is a nice dress, and hers is so colorful I can see why you covet it!

  7. Hope your back feels better!


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