January 23, 2011


I wanted to quit - more than I wanted this skirt.

However, I got some very, very good advice from Beangirl, Marjie and a bunch of the rest of you.

So after procrastinating by going shoping - and buying new foundation wear.  I headed back downstairs.  I did something I never do, I slipped on my new foundation and took measurements.  Hmmm - think this might be part of "My Skirt's Too Big" woes? 

Then I measured the flat pattern and made a true muslin.  It wasn't right - I needed more room through the thighs, and there were issues in the back.  So, I putzed, measured, traced, guessed, used some HBO words, and cut a second muslin.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how that turned out!  

thanks for all your help gang - would have given up with out you all.

edited to add the lightened photo.  I couldn't get flickr to play nice with my laptop last night.  ARG.


  1. My late father in law used to say that shopping was much cheaper therapy than a shrink - and sometimes even yielded something of value. Glad to see it helped you, and I know those HBO words made you feel better, too. Can't wait to see the better picture!

    (Yes, what on earth am I doing up at 2:30AM? I must be nuts.)

  2. Yay G...so glad you got back at it! I cannot wait to see how it turns out.
    Foundation wear? Hmmm, contemplating getting some new foundation wear, too...you'll have to tell me what ya got!

  3. Ha! HBO words! That's a good one.
    Looking forward to seeing how the tweaks came out!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the photos. I hope it turned out well.

  5. LOL...I somehow knew you'd get back on that horse. Congrats! Hmm...must be why we don't have cable around here...if HBO words are what I think they are.

  6. We can thank Marjie for a new term 'HBO words' just may catch one LOL

    Congrats on struggling thru the 1st muslin (and I see the post for muslin #2 that I have to read now)

  7. I don't know squat about sewing, but I know that every tailor I've ever used has refused to do a fitting if I wasn't wearing the foundations I was going to wear when I wear the garment for real...

  8. I'm glad to hear you are not giving up ~ the skirt is a cute design and I'm sure you will look and feel fabulous wearing it!

  9. Ya know taking measurements for sewing is a lot like making gauge for knitting.....LOL...had to say it.


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