January 5, 2011

I Traded My Holiday Dress for This

I decided the week before Christmas to make JB a new bowling shirt.  I still have about 3 yards of the Eagle green logo'd cotton that I bought a couple years ago to make him some sleep pants.  I've made him everything from this fabric:  sleep pants, camera strap, eyeglass case, and luggage tags.  Yea, I know the Eagles hired Micheal Vick, but he's a fan of the team and he's not gonna switch now because they made a decision lots of people don't agree with.

Anyway - I wanted to make a shirt, but the Eagles fabric needed to be an accent.  Not the entire shirt.  He loves bowling style shirts and Charlie Harper's style.  Any of you Two and Half Men fans?

Armed with the inspiration photo and my Eagles yardage I hit JoAnn's.  It really is the only game in town - sadly.  I came up with some grey kona cotton that matched and grey buttons.  Then I traced my shirt front again, and split it.  I made big notes on the pattern pieces to add seam allowances to the one edge.  I should have stay stitched the neck edge, because it's wobbly as all get out - but it's hidden under the collar.  I couldn't fight with it any more. 

I spent the better part of the last Sunday before Christmas working on his shirt rather than making a new dress from my office holiday party.  I'm happy I did this.  JB really likes it. 

Yea - I know it's wrinkled but this is probably as good as it will ever look again.  How sad is that?


  1. Charlie Harper would be proud of that shirt!

  2. LOL...a party dress will last for one season, while a sport shirt for a man will last a lifetime!( Or until YOU finally throw it away some time in the deep, dark future.) :-) Nice work.

  3. If the man loves it, what else matters? And men don't see wrinkles, so it's beautiful.

  4. Rob loves it when I make him something and Chan's right. Men don't notice wrinkles or spots.

  5. It was a great use of the Eagles fabric, and wrinkles don't exist once you put something on, or so say my boys. And if JB's happy, that's what counts. You can work on the party dress in the summer, when there's no time constraint!

  6. What a great present for JB - am sure he will look even finer than Charlie Harper (yes, we do get that tv program here). You have displayed the Eagles fabric to the best.

    (um - what sort of sports team is/are the Eagles? I'm writing from a nation in Summer that is currently following Cricket! lol)


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