January 3, 2011

Good Friends

Last Friday, I invited several girlfriends over for brunch.
I broke out my china and served coffee in tiny cups and saucers.
We had a lovely time visiting, eating and drinking champagne.
It was a lovely way to start saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011.

It was also the perfect time to gift Miss D with the housewarming gift we made for her.
See she bought her first house this past summer.
As a group all the girls at the table, along with many more from Great Yarns
each made a square and we put this blanket together for her.
I think she liked it!  


  1. Wow! Who wouldn't? That's fab!

  2. It's very pretty, and I'm sure she will treasure it as a reminder of her wonderful friends. It was also a great excuse to break out the good china and visit with friends!

  3. That's lovely. I like the luncheon idea too. However, I'm already committed to the gingerbread house decorating thing for next Christmas...

  4. Very beautiful blanket. I'm laughing though, because you mention coffee cups, show coffee cups, and then talk about drinking champagne. Who were you trying to fool?

  5. That blanket is gorgeous!!! I'm sure it's going to be a very treasured gift. : )

  6. WOW...i love that blanket!!!

  7. What's not to like? It's beautiful and such a thoughtful gift.

    It's been a long time since I drank coffee from a cup and saucer. It's always mugs.

  8. Sounds like a lovely afternoon... and what a gorgeous (and meaningful) gift that is!

  9. Gorgeous blanket!!! I too love it and I'm also envious of your party :) I love the idea of using the china, great reason!

  10. What a nice group of friends! Love the blanket ~ looks cozy :)

  11. Beautiful blanket. I want, i want!! LOL. What a fun idea, getting together for a friend brunch. As Scrabblequeen said, I wondered if there was champagne in the coffee cups. Hee hee.

  12. That sounds fun and the blanket is gorgeous!


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