January 1, 2011

Fresh Start

 Almost done.  Today we moved the bookcases from the living downstairs.  I was able to move all the books and magazines from the cutting table and the old tv cabinet into the two bookcases.

They could use a bit more organization, but they are in there and mostly sorted by craft.  Eventually I'll put a piece of furniture between the two bookcases under the window. 

I love the floors.  I love the lighter yellow walls and the green wall doesn't look nearly as harsh now.  The first photo is as you coming

into the basement from the hallway.  You see the shelves on the left side of the room and the studio is on your right.

The second photo is standing in front of the sliding doors looking at the studio.  I have rearranged everything again - this is the 3rd time and I think I like it.  There are 2 of those white cabinets and they are packed with fabric.  Next to the white shelf on the far end of the room is the old tv cabinet.  It's storing my yarn, in front of that is the ironing board and then the cutting table. 
I have an oak office desk that holds my sewing machine and serger.  It's under the second window in the room looking out into the dog's yard. 

Directly behind me is the cutting table.  It's not completely cleaned up yet.  I was winding yarn and there is a box of patters.  On the shelve under the cutting table is plastic storage buckets with my threads, ribbons, elastic and some organized project bins.  I do need to clear out some of those old project.  I also have a bin dedicated to finished gifts.

I feel much better about the whole thing now that it's basically finished.  Next, I'll get to do some sewing and JB will will put the floor in the workout room.  (Who's gonna have more fun, ya think?)


  1. You forgot to post the time that we should all come over and play in your newly organized studio. Is 7:00 okayÉ I`ll bring snacks! :)

    Happy New Year, Gaylen!

  2. Isn't it pretty?? You're very lucky, that's a lovely sewing area! Great way to start out the new year, right?

    Happy New Year too!

  3. Looks great Gaylen and I definitely think you will be having more fun than JB!

  4. Very nice!! Happy 2011!

    (And I'm pretty sure you'll have more fun, unless you wind up helping JB.)

  5. Love those floors. Isn't it nice to have your own area to work in? I need to organize mine. I've been just piling things in there over the holidays.

  6. I love your new room! It is beautiful! And I agree with Shannon...what date should I book that plane ticket for?! *LOL* I'll bring the little bit of fitting skills I have!

  7. How totally awesome to have a place like that to work in and organized storage, too! Color me greener than the basement wall.:-)
    I'm pretty sure you'll be having more than Jb....but who knows? Maybe he thinks putting in flooring is fun?

  8. Wow - great room ! Can I come play too ?

  9. Well, progress! Hooray! It looks bright and cheerful, and you can look outside, too. Glad to see it going back together so nicely.

  10. I'm jealous....lol. What an awesome room just for you ;).

    I definitely think you will have more fun than the hubby unless (like Chan said) you are called out to help.


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