January 7, 2011

Everything In Moderation

Except Fun.  Have lots of that.

That's the motto for 2011 and I can't claim that the thought was mine.  I saw a Coke Cola add in the New York Times sometime last week.  I couldn't find an online version of the ad or I would link to it.

However - I am adopting this as my motto in 2011.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to do more; spend more time with friends; stop being so busy doing nothing that I don't see my friends;  I don't want to wonder as I write my 2011 holiday cards what I was so busy doing that I couldn't make time.

So - this year there will be more brunches with the girls, lunches with friends, and couples for dinner.  We can do it.  Fun - lots of that!  Hope 2011 bring you lots of fun too - however you qualify that.


  1. We have snow forecast for this weekend. If it happens, my dogs will be making snow angels.

    I like your 2011 motto. 2010 wasn't much fun, so we're going to work on making 2011 better.

  2. Awesome plan. You won't regret it...dog in snow pic is way too cute. (no one ever says, "I wish I'd spent more time on work")

  3. Don't know whether I like your theme for the year or that photo best. I'm still too busy paddling to keep my head above water to settle on a theme. Check back with me in a couple of weeks.

  4. I live by everything in moderation. I'm also a procrastinator, and so quite good at scrambling.

    BTW, Mark is watching the Seahawks game. He's such a good kid. I wandered into the room and announced that they had chickens on their suits and hats. Then I informed him that they hold special games for ladies who knit. He told me that's why he's rooting for them over the Saints. (Do you think I'd drive JB nuts with my purposely obtuse football commentary?)

  5. Oh, and we had snow last night and today, about 4", but I only let Thor out with the boys until he decided to sit down. Then I made him come back inside. He's too old for sitting in the snow!

  6. I agree. I'm guilty of the same thing. More fun for us!

  7. This sounds like a good plan! All I can say is that I plan on keeping in touch with all of my online friends more this year.... don't have any "real" local friends to do anything with. sigh.


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