January 18, 2011


I threw my camera in my bag today.
I forgot it was there as I was walking to the office.

 But at dusk, while I was walking to the bus, I remembered.
I pulled it out and played.

I am way to enamoured with trees and sky.
Especially nekkid winter trees.


  1. I love the sculptural look of nekkid winter trees!!

  2. Great photos! You and your camera are getting to know each other nicely.

  3. I like all those pictures. Are you getting more comfortable with the camera?

  4. I love trees and sky! I wouldn't be able to stand living in Kansas with its dearth of trees! Glad you took your new camera for the ride.

  5. Love the pic of the neon sign. :)

  6. Beautiful shade of blue in your dusky sky! Love the arches in the brick building, too. (Heck, I love brick buildings)


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