October 19, 2010

Spoilt Rotten!

Over in the Stash Sock Group on Ravelry - we had a little SWAP.  The idea is to get a fresh stash of yarn as we are trying to knit down our sock stash and not buy more.  I got paired up with a lovely woman in England who goes by "LilMissSensible."

The Whole Package - from England!

On Friday there was a slip in the mailbox saying there was a package I needed to sign for.
I couldn't figure it out - I hadn't ordered anything.
So Saturday morning, I headed to the post office - I knew what it was.
I held off ripping into it because I didn't have a camera.
Look at that cute puppy - it's a tape measure.
Beau thought he'd like to see how it tasted and if it made noise.
Thankfully I got it back before he crunched it!
There are also the cutest stitch markers - I couldn't get any closer without getting my head in the pic.
One set is dog themed and the other just fun.
A knitting/sewing themed necklace::a crochet hook key ring::soak::jelly bellies

Now how about that?  Can you see the baby Abby?  Make the picture bigger - she's there!
Spiced Vanila stuff::lip balm::hand lotion::soap::body creme::louffa mitt:: and emery board.

Thank you Lil' Miss - I left a bunch of stuff out - the cards, the yarn, the bags, I love it all!


  1. I see Abbydoooo!

    What a great package. Maybe mine will be at the house today?

  2. Wow! You really made out with your swap! LilMissSensible has some good taste in knitting goodies.

  3. What a neat package. Lots of new playthings. Don't you love getting packages in the mail?

  4. Great package! This is a great way to clean out stuff and get something new without going to the store, and aren't surprises nicer, anyway?

  5. AWESOME package! Enjoy all those goodies.


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