October 20, 2010

Parade Float

I'm joining in Bark 'n Knit's Parade.  Here's my entry: 
From the back:  Grey alpaca sweater in the brown and blue bag; pink cashmere stockings (still need the ruffle) in the daisy bag; beaded socks in the dog sock dumplin; red lace in the paw print triangle; lace stole in the dark green bag; My dog walks all over me cowl in front of the sweater; Christmas Socks redux; mystery socks; and modern quilt wrap.  Not too shabby!  I actually thought there were more floating around

WIP Float

A few close -ups:
Grey Alpaca Cardi
Modern Quilt Wrap
Red Lace

Since taking the group photo, I have finished the purple socks and
am half done with the cowl.
The stole has been swatched;
the mystery socks will be done sometime before the end of the year.
I plan on taking grey and modern on a road trip this weekend.


  1. Impressive! You actually have your WIPs under control and have a plan to finish. Go figure...

  2. You seem to be on top of the situation with plans for finishing. Nice organization!

  3. Too funny! Your WIP parade looks like a tiny corner of my crafting area - LOL Chaos is good for creativity - right?

  4. Your float was so artfully arranged! That would be a lovely advertisement for selling those bags: "You, too, can be the most fashionable girl in the WIP Parade!" (And it beats thinking of them as UFOs, which seems so hopeless!)

  5. I'm late again!!! Trying to get caught up on everyone's happenings... GAH! I missed your birthday!!! I'm a horrible friend, I'm sorry! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

    As far as WIP's.... I'm too ashamed of the qty of mine, I can't even face them, much less take photos. :P

  6. I'm with Chan, you have a plan. More than what I have. Mind sending the blueprints to this plan? LOL


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