November 4, 2009

Tea Anyone?

I'm almost at the end of the birthday love and I thank each and every one of you. Today's little vignette is brought to you by my dear friend - Miss D. She's blogless, she works too much, she's a tireless advocate for dogs, an awesome knitter, and a fabulous friend. Last year she went shopping and got me that lovely embroidered runner. This year it's the lovely china tea cup. Me thinks she might think I need a lovely, relaxing day at home. Also included in the package was vanilla tea (my favorite flavor) and a pumpkin spice candle (my all time favorite scent). I have a great china teapot that I purchase a zillion years ago in England and wouldn't that just make for a lovely afternoon - load up the tray with tea and cookies (?) and enjoy them both with some knitting. Look at how pretty this cup and saucer are. Fantastic - white china with lovely gold scroll work and beautiful red flowers. And those feet - seriously? I've never seen a footed teacup before and I adore it. Fabulous package - I'll feel the love each time I use it.


  1. Okay, makers mark? Brand? LOVE that cup!!

    (And yes, you do need a day at home with just tea and treats and whatever makes you feel relaxed!)

  2. That is a beautiful teacup! I've never seen a footed teacup either. It's really exquisite.

  3. How nice to feel pampered occasionally! You deserve it.

  4. I love pretty teacups, and that one is superb! That said, I usually stick with my giant English Garden patterned one, which was a present about a decade ago. It is the strangest mug I've ever had, because it keeps my tea warm longer than any other. And it's pretty, too, so how can we go wrong? I haven't forgotten your birthday, really, I just haven't left the house other than for doctor crap since August. Talk about life sucking!

  5. oh my. what a perfectly lovely way to spend a few moments.

    enjoy the love, gaylen.

  6. That is gorgeous! Now you've got me craving tea. lol


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