November 11, 2009

Many Thanks

Today is Veteran's Day. While I don't personally know a great deal of people who have served and lived to tell stories - I know enough. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices made by so few so that many could do what they want, when they want (within reason, right?).

I do however, know many more people who are currently active duty in many branches of the military. And while not all of them have gone off to war - it's becoming more and more common. What many of us don't realize is the sacrifices made at home. It's not easy being a single parent while your partner is thousands of miles away seeing and sometimes doing unspeakable things. It's also not easy reuniting the family into a cohesive unit upon return. Again - for that I'm thankful. Rambling - will be quiet now. Just make sure you let someone you know - know that you appreciate all that they are doing. Please.


  1. Indeed. We are free because of the price they pay/paid!

  2. We are of the same mind on this issue.

  3. Well, you know one, me. :)
    Although most of the time I served was in peace time....
    And you know our son is in the Marines now, I have an even greater appreciation now than even when I was in myself.
    May God bless all of our Service members & their families...

  4. Nice post. Thank you for recognizing the sacrifices of those at home - too often, the family is forgotten about. Says she whose husband's deployment has just been extended....again. Interestingly enough, my online friends (mostly through Ravelry) are more conscious of it all than our families.


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