November 20, 2009

Let The Parade Begin

You might remember that this summer I made JB more socks - after swearing that he was no longer hand-knit sock worthy. Well - when you make short little ankle socks - those knit picks balls go pretty far. So - after winding one ball off so I
could make the stripes match - I started a pair of Channon's heel huggers.
I got almost to the heel - about 3 rows from grafting when I ran out of yarn! UGH! So down to the sock stash in the Studio and up I cam with the some dark grey. You can tell that the heel and cuffs are a different yarn, if you look really - really closely. But who's looking that close? Since the socks were so dark, I decided to do a rolled edge rather than the picot edge as designed. Channon liked the idea so much - she added it to her pattern!


  1. I would never have guessed that the darker heel wasn't a design feature. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow! BTW, Kellie is jealous of your socks, and both girls love the apron you made me. (THor's in hog heaven because more of his people are home.)

  2. I thik the darker heel and top are perfect. Looks like they were designed that way.

  3. I agree with the others... no one would have noticed if you hadn't pointed the dark grey out!

    By the way... I keep forgetting to tell you that the Knight wore his Mariners hat to the station Thursday night - for the meeting - and all the guys (and gals) are now Mariner fans. The Knight made me tell the whole story, and you have a bunch of fans too.


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