November 5, 2009


So we have a friend who is a pirate - no really - a Seafair Pirates. The Seafair Pirates are a Seattle icon and have been since 1949. Well - this young man (he's young enough I could be his momma) asked if I'd make him a new sash when he heard that I sewed. He wanted a plain black sash - how boring is that? So I made him a plain black sash. But when I was shopping for it - I found this fabric in the Halloween selection that is black with silver skulls on it! Perfect - I decided I would also make him a new pirate vest. Then I took the left over skulls back it with gold costume satin and made a two sided sash.
Funny, funny story about our pirate. About 5 years ago JB and were at a little local parade. We were sitting on the curb visiting with some friends waiting to see their daughters march by.
All of a sudden a pirate comes up to JB and starts visiting with him. JB says - you are a pirate. To which the response was some along the lines of 'Yup I'm a pirate' said with tons more dirty words and pirate voice.
Then this pirate makes some comment about how I must the beautiful wife and would JB mind if he kissed me. Well JB says "No, go ahead." The pirate bends down - he's a tall dude and we were sitting on the curb - kisses me full on the mouth, pins a button on my chest that says "I've been had by a Seafair Pirate" and saunters off down the road.
I look at JB and ask "who was that?"
He says - "I don't know."
It was a good year and half before we put our neighbor's son together with the pirate.


  1. What a GREAT story! Did JB know all along who the swashbuckler was?

  2. Love the new vest. Rob used to have a pair of black and white striped pants just like those. I didn't know they were pirate pants. He splashed something on them that burned some little holes so I appliqued red hearts and stars over the holes. He loved those pants. Maybe he was meant to be a pirate.

  3. Great pirate attire! And loved the story! :)

  4. Now THAT is one funny story! No matter what the kid does in "real life", it's much cooler to tell girls, "I'm a pirate!" Patrick would join up if we were anywhere near Seattle.

  5. ROTFL!!! What an awesome story! Heehee. And what a great group. Checked the website out and it looks like it's a lot of fun.

  6. I love the pirate garb... I wish I had boots like his! So jealous! and I agree with Marjie, if a guy told me he was a pirate for a living I would instantly swoon :)

  7. Great story - we all need more pirates in our lives! :-)


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