November 19, 2009


Abigail Jane - thinks everything in life is about her.
Is she wrong?
Which of your dogs has to be the center of attention?
this isn't the post I had planned
but I didn't feel like vacuuming to get the required photos
so - you'll just have to wonder what it is.


  1. This iz Shasta Beaglebrat - of course it iz all about me at r house - or it should b. I AM the Queen Diva. After all, I am the youngest'n the pretties'n the cutest'n ......
    Shiloh Beaglebrat here - ok, Miss Shasta - that iz enuf. I am the oldest'n wizest. An'mom takez me tu vizit people so she spendz more time'n I make peeple happy.
    (And the sibling rivalry continues...)

  2. While Sissy would maintain that Gretchen is the baby and everybody fusses over the baby, it is the DIVA who requires the spotlight in our pack.

  3. My Emma clearly thinks the Earth revolves around her, and everyone put here is for her amusement!

  4. You already knew the answer in our case. It's Fudge. He has a need to always be in the spotlight. If only he went about it as calmly as Abby. He has to get in your face constantly.

  5. Lolololo, you have my curiosity!

    Sampson is definitely the neediest of attention, he will simply plow over whoever is in the way to get to greet visitors, or get on his dad's lap!

  6. Of course everything in life is about Abby. Just look at that dignified pose...OK, nevermind that part. But, hey, she's been healthy for almost a year again, and, word is, she's planning to stay that way.

  7. Too darned CUTE! Miss Tootsie Jane thinks it is all about her, too, but I think she learned that from the cats around here! LOL

  8. Ours all do it in their own way... Tut will jump up & down like a Mexican jumping bean and if you're sitting he'll bring you toys... maybe gggrrrr at you...
    Sophie will WHACK you one with her paw when she wants attention...
    Lola the queen will "be very expressive" (as the vet calls her)... whining and carrying on...
    Zeus, well he just looks like his handsome self, although he USED TO limp in front of you for attention... after learning it got him attention with his knee issues, he learned to do it on his own when you weren't paying attention to him!

  9. Love the pic of Abby on her back:-)

    You KNOW who is the center of my universe....and she knows it!


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