June 1, 2009

finished object

the remake of the ankle socks for JB is complete. he wore them and although he wishes the ribbing was tighter i don't know what to do to fix it. these were knit on US1s over 56 stitches. the foot is stockinette with 1x1 ribbing around the arch. this time i used another new to me heel - the no-wrap short row heel. it worked fabulously and there are no gaps and no pesky wrap stitches to pick up! yea. since JB loves a short row heel best this will be the one i turn to from now on.
hopefully soon there will be sewing.


  1. And there he is, clowning around and pointing out your lovely heel! I'm sure this is one you're glad to have off your needles, after having to start over!

  2. What's with these guys and their "I want it to cut off the circulation" cuffs!? Would decreasing in the cuff help, or make them so tight they can't wear 'em?

  3. My hubby wears holes in his socks so fast that I don't think I'll ever knit him a pair. I just don't think I could stomach it, knowing that they'd be holey in a couple weeks. lol

    Love JB showing off the heel. :-)


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