June 5, 2009

Blogger Meet Up

My friend Camilla decided to read a book or 4 about vampires and got a little bit obsessed. What started out as a get together for sock summit turned into the "dorks in Forks" tour. With Cami bring with her to Seattle three of her Indiana natives: Melly, Mandy and Noemi - the change came about because of Herr Becher's schedule and it's all good.
On Tuesday, JB and I went down to Pike Place Market to meet the Indiana contingent that came to Seattle (I'm pretty sure the city will never be the same). We met up with them at the Alibi Room and had an adult beverage and some little snacks. Then we headed into the market. One thing you have to do if you are visiting Seattle is catch a salmon. Not that she's shy, but Camilla didn't want to chat up the guy and catch a fish - so I threw her under the bus. Seriously - click on the photo and make it bigger her face is priceless and she did good - she caught it :) Although the fish did have revenge by scratching her.
After Cami pulled off the amazing fish catching feat - the rest of the gang climbed behind the fish counter for the photo op. From left to right in the front is Cami, Noemi, Mandy and Meli is in the back.
After tooling around the market for awhile - JB and I followed the girls back to Meli's sister's house were we had pizza, more adult beverages and tons of great conversation. I had a fabulous time -
bloggers really are some much fun.


  1. If I come to Seattle I do NOT want to catch a fish in my bare hands. I had enough of that living in Myrtle Beach.

    Looks like you guys had a ball.

  2. What a great time!!! I've seen that place on GMA. Not sure I'd want to catch a fish either....but if they would give me the Copper River Salmon if I could catch it...I'd beright in there. No such luck.

    Maybe I'll get to Seattle one day....if I have any money left after this remodel. It's not looking good.

  3. Sissy is very willing to come catch a fish...

    What a great time! Everyone looks so very happy.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time! Wish I had been there, too!

  5. BTW...Anonymous is Shelley, G!

  6. Looks like fun. I had a blast when I caught my fish! I think cami really liked it too! Don't let her fool you :)

    Glad you guys had fun downtown.

  7. -so- nice to meet you and your perfectly adorable husband.
    hope you all can come eastward and soon!

  8. Looks like y'all had a great time!

  9. Oh how fun! The one time we visited Seattle we never made it there so I have yet to catch a fish with my bare hands. It sounds as if you all had a wonderful time.


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