June 17, 2009

all quiet on the blogging front

I haven't been doing much sewing. finished up fleece dog beds, working on some embroidery layouts for more fleece - baby blankets and crate pads. I have some crafty designs floating around and a few aprons to get made and mailed, but nothing seems to be getting done. there are changes going on around our house - nothing bad, really - just different and taking some getting used to. if you have to know, you can email me and I'll be happy to discuss the changes, but I won't be bloggin' it.

anyway - been reading a lot, working on getting a nice tan, got a hair cut, and I've made a few more pairs of socks, but I'm pretty sure you all are tired of seeing the socks I make.

in other news, we were finally able to connect with the recipient of the rainbow hat and mittens. he was a good sport and even put them one for he photo op. good times - he was very happy, but this is most likely the only time they will ever be warn.

sewing soon - I hope, but no promises. with any luck we'll be catching up with VeeDogKnits (I'd link but she seems to have given up blogging). followed shortly by working with some ASG friends to make a pair of pants.


  1. As long as it's not bad, I'm content. I worry about you when i don't hear from you. I have to sew this weekend, but I haven't gotten to the fabric store yet. do you think I can wear a navy and white floral sundress to a 2PM wedding on the 4th of July? I do love that fabric, and it wants to be used.

    Glad you got the hat & mittens modeled, even in the wrong season, and lucky you getting a tan (which I have never done in my life - I'm the definition of "white girl").

  2. What's going on, GF? Email me..
    What's up with VeeDogs? Been a very long time since I heard from her. No answers to my email either.

  3. We do NOT tire of seeing your socks, for the record...

  4. How could we ever be tired of looking at socks?

  5. Hope the changes are good ones and make you happy.

    You can show us your socks anytime. I always enjoy looking at handmade items.

  6. Hey Miss G,

    I too hope things are going good. I've thought about you a lot and am still wishing you warm,happy sunny days filled with things you love.

    Can't remember my password so this is coming in as anonymous.
    Susan (fabricluver)

  7. I never get tired of looking at your projects. Bring it on.
    Now you have my curiousity peeked. I'll have to email you.


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