May 31, 2009


while JB and I were on our mini-vacation earlier this month. he wanted to go garage sale-ing. I know! we can do that at home, but we never do. it was a nice way to spend a lovely morning and we did purchase some cool stuff - including this lovely embroidered round tablecloth ( guess I could have taken some close-ups of the embroidery). Anyway - it was the only thing I saw worth dragging home, but since I don't have any round tables in my life, I saw it as a lovely fall skirt. the embroidery is leaves done in rich reds and oranges. there is a lovely scalloped hem as well. I think I might lose the embroidery toward the center, but if I can keep the hem and border embroidery, I'll be happy. I think I'll line it with something orangy - maybe. we'll have to see what comes up.


  1. Aren't you clever?! That will be a darling, flirty skirt for your new job this fall...

  2. What a nice find. Are you getting back the urge to create?

  3. Skirt's a great idea! Like Chan said, wonderful for your new job, and it'll look great with the tan you get this summer...

    How's JB's shoulder coming along? Is he completely stir crazy and driving you nuts yet?

  4. Cute idea! Can't wait to see it!


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