May 19, 2009

single sock?

Channon send me one sock? Seriously? What's up with that? It's not like I can walk around wearing just one sock - although I have been doing just that. Earlier this year, my friend Channon was trolling around Ravelry and found a cute pair of summer ankle socks. She started them and then the instructions baffled her. However the instructions for the heel and ankle baffled her. So, she designed her own cute, little summery sock. Once she had knit the first pair for herself (scroll down - it's there, so is the bag she just sent me). Anyway, she sent the pattern out to be test knit. This is a super, fun, easy pattern that produces a very pretty little summer sock. Well I knit a pair and sent them off to Channon. Well it seems she had the same thought. She had started this sock, knitting one at a time to make taking step by step photos easier in some yarn I had sent her that she really enjoys, but I did not. So, since I had bought the yarn, but didn't love knitting it, she decided to make the socks for me out of it. When she finished the first one, she mailed it off to make sure it fit before finishing the second sock. I hope she finishes it soon, I'm rather tired of only wearing one sock.


  1. So you have one cold foot now. Well, I hope that problem gets solved soon, either by Chan or the weather!

  2. I cast on for its mate last night! I'll try to finish it up soon...


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