May 27, 2009

plugged in

last weekend was the first time I had even plugged my sewing machine in since the Spring Retreat. All I could manage to get done was this huge stack of fleece dog beds. I have a lot going on, but I'm hoping to be able to finish up some old pre-cut projects. Like the 2 jean style jackets that have been cut out for eveh! But just now it was easy to do something simple, mindless and that didn't need to fit. Plus I know that there are some dogs who will really enjoy these. The fleece and batting I had purchased a couple of years ago. I bought the end of the bolt of 2 different dog printed fleeces. It took me long enough to get them done. Now to get them delivered!


  1. glad to see you are plugged back in, g!
    love the dog beds.
    glad to see you post!

  2. What a nice lady you are. Are you taking some time off before starting the job search?

  3. Aren't you thoughtful - as always?

  4. Your fleece dog beds are wonderful. I'm very sure they are appreciated by the shelter dogs who receive your loving attention. (I know yours get all the attention they could want!)


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