May 25, 2009


I have been working on the fixation socks for JB. He wanted short socks to wear in the summer and fixation has a nice cotton content. I have been having him try them on all along the way - until I got past the heel that is. At that point I just made them to exactly match the pair of little short socks he recently purchased. Well apparently those socks are a bit too short! So, I finished them last night, wove in the ends and everything. I tossed them to him this morning to try on with his shoes - and he doesn't like them. I swear knitting for spouses can be so frustrating. I asked if he'd like me to take them apart and make them taller - no, I guess they'll be okay. Well I'd really like it if you liked them, I say. Finally - they would be better if they were a bit taller. I noticed that the heel is about 1/2 an inch too far back. So out them come to before the heel, and I'll do them again. It really would be nice if he wore them!


  1. Men! The Knight wears the only pair I've made him a lot, but when they were about a year old, he mentioned that he'd like the cuff to be more elastic on the next pair...

  2. They so often say they don't like something, but it's ok, but it would be better if, but it's fine, but, but, but!

  3. Oh, I know about that too, it'd be so much easier if they'd say their preference. The last thing I want to hear is 'it's ok, but...' I hope he likes them once you're done.


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