May 17, 2009


he drives and I knit. I got most of the waterfall socks done. But the drive home was a bit windy. I couldn't tame the yarn to knit while driving over the pass. It might have had something to do with having the top down on the convertible. Or maybe it had to do with the temperature dropping a full 20* while we were going over the pass, either way - there was no knitting happening. As of this writing, the socks are done but for having the ends woven in. Hopefully, I can get JB out into the yarn for a sock photo shoot soon. I have a few finished pairs to show you all.


  1. Temperature dropping TWENTY degrees and the convertible top down? Sweetie, I would have been huddled on the floor to hide from that! Hope you had a fun mini-vacay!

  2. Love the socks! Can't imagine trying to knit in a convertible.


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