May 29, 2009

many thanks

after a long last day at work, I got home to a clean house by JB who is still off work thanks to his slowly healing shoulder. there was also a box on the bench by the front door. the box was from Coffee Yarn. she had offered to send me a copy of a pattern that she has a duplicate of, it's the rambling rows afghan. Ms. Coffee Yarn decided to put a lovely box together for my family. Yep - the whole darn family. there was fresh homemade bread, puffed corn, the pattern, a cookbook, some lovely embroidered hotpads, treats for the dogs, knit banana slugs and some lovely trekking for
me since I've been on the "Abby Diet" this year. look at how sweet these tiny little slugs are. slugs are the bain of JB's existence and he steps on them all the time. I will make sure these cute little guys are safe. although Beau did try to eat them already. also in the box were two tissue wrapped packages, one was labeled JB and one for me. the one for JB contained a nicely made reversible apron. it's a BBQ style apron made out of a fabulous dog print. there are bloodhounds and a dog named Abby on the print. There was also a fabulous reversible apron for me - but I have to save something for later. Thanks again Ms. Coffee Yarn you really surprised me and lifted my spirits.


  1. hat does JB wear under his apron? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Has he tried putting salt on slugs and watching them melt? I know it sounds cruel, but my friend's husband hated slugs and used to do it. It's kind of fascinating to watch.

  2. -laughing at sue-
    i thought the same thing!

    LOVE the slugs!! we don't get too many of those around here. but i know, growing up in the pacific northwest, how prolific they are out there. and now, JB won't feel that squish between his toes with your newest slugs. fabulous.

    counting down the mere hours till we meet. . .

  3. Sheesh Mr. Jay! Put some clothes on! lol what a great package :)

  4. Aren't her packages wonderful!? Can't wait to see your apron... Love JB's!

  5. You are very welcome! I am glad it arrived at such a good time!

  6. Love the apron. And yes, inquiring minds would like to know if dear JB was catching a breeze in the back. heehee


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