July 28, 2008


If you came by just for the beaded lace sample - just scroll on down - it's there. However, if you stay you'll have to listen to me babble for awhile. First up - this beat up cigar tin I got from my Grandmother. For as long as I've know, it has held her tiny crochet hooks. I have all of those. And yes, at the end that is someone's teeth marks - I don't know who's, but it just adds to the character. The hooks inside this beat up tin were also my Grandmother's tiny steel crochet hooks. In her day she made lovely lace angels and snowflakes. I have enough of the tiny starched beauty to decorate a small tree. Next, can I just say that I love the way a hank of yarn looks once it all nicely wound up into a cake? This is the creamy latte cashwool that is being used for my SotSiii stole. It's almost like knitting with air. It's so tiny and fine. The beads that I decided to use are size 6 seed beads. They are clear with a bronze liner. I had 3 options for use on this project and after knitting all 3 into the swatch, I think the bronze lined beads looks best. Of course the real sample will make an appearance at Knit Night for an up close and in person opinion from my friends. Here's the close up of the bronze beads in the swatch. Me likely. I actually washed this swatch and blocked it on our bed - that way I had a white background for the lace to stand out on.
Okay ~ here's the full swatch, all of the rows - washed and blocked. I used an Addi US 4 lace needle. I like the way the needle tips grabbed this fine slippery yarn. I have my doubts where this looks lacy enough and I might go up a needle size - but really, I think it's fine. My swatch measured 7" wide and 6 3/8" high. I wish I had taken a pre-blocking photo - blocking really is magic. Opinions on any of this, anyone?
Oh - Chan - this is fun - there is still time to join. And you have some beautiful purple lace in you stash!


  1. We have dozens of lace doilies made by my husband's grandmother. It is said that if someone stood still in Nellie's house long enough, she'd put a doily on them and they'd become furniture.

    Your beadwork is beautiful! It's so nice that you have your grandmother's hooks and tin, and use them. A lovely connection to the past.

  2. Ha. The joke's on you. ;) I signed up last night. I'm just waiting on the supplies list - or is it in a file on the group site? (And where do I find beads?) You're going to be sorry you asked me to join!!

  3. That was a nice read. Your swatch looks perfect.
    I see your friend joined, too! I will be looking for her swatch, too.
    Everyone is doing such a great job.

  4. That's wonderful, having your grandmother's tools to work with. I'm lucky enough to have bits from both of my grandmothers who did quite a lot of needlework.
    The bronze-lined beads look perfect for that yarn. It's going to be a beautiful stole.


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