July 2, 2008

Play Date

Last night we sorta invited ourselves to dinner at my friend's house. CJW's Mom is in my neighborhood ASG Group. She is a lovely lady, married a nice guy, built a beautiful home and then had a perfect baby. Well CJW's Mom works for one of the companies that makes gaming systems. JB recently decided that he might like to have a new gaming system. This is huge because he's had no interest in games since playing asteroids on Atari. (Yes, I know we're old.) At first, JB was really excited about said gaming system, but then The Musical One mentioned that it might not be as physical as he was thinking it was. So, I suggested to CJW's Mom that we get together for a little play date first. JB wanted a chance to play before purchasing.
After an incredible homemade Mexican meal including homemade guacamole, rice and adult beverages. CJW's Dad and JB started playing with the game. They bowled, boxed, golfed and played tennis. There is a learning curve involved but JB picked it up fairly quickly.
We had a lovely time. JB commented on the way home that his forearms were a little sore. I think he may be hooked!


  1. I keep telling the Knight I want a Wii to do yoga. He laughed, until his 20-something assistant overheard, and tsk tsk'd him, explaining that I could indeed do yoga, play tennis, etc...

  2. Glad you guys had a good time. Mark's comment "we can have them over anytime."

  3. too funny. my daughter used to come home after a night of drinking and play Wii. She'd wake up the next morning saying, "what the hell did I do last night?!"
    and now with the Wii fit I saw someone on Ravely say, "Wii fit. Me not fit." It's torture! But fun.

    I need to read you more often G. You've got some good stuff here! :)

  4. lol so when are you guys getting a wii?! lol


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