July 21, 2008


After sewing off the top of the bamboo socks - I immediately wound this beautiful Claudia Hand Painted Yarns into pretty little cakes. I have been watching the periodic progress of Miss C's Mockery Socks (which were actually designed by Live 2 Knit, it's a free pattern - go look). Well I really like knitting both socks at the same time (Thanks Cami, you were right). But I also love my double pointed needles - so, generally I will cast on with double pointed needles and get started that way - work a few rounds, then move the sock to the long circular needle and get the second sock started. A few rounds with my sharp, pretty double points, then both socks at the same time. I thought this pattern would look best in a semi-solid - this lovely pistachio color fits the bill quite nicely. There is the occasional splash of strong color - but I've worked the first 10 rows of the pattern tonight and it's working up nicely.


  1. That yarn looks even better in your photo. Can't wait to see the socks.

  2. Nice color. These will be lovely socks!

  3. don't you just -love- claudia hand-paints? i have one cake of "toast" waiting to become something lovely.
    have fun with the mockeries. and please, can we keep the 'you were right's to a minimum in regard to Cami? She gets enough of those from me! :)


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