July 12, 2008

Light and Fresh

First, let me say that I am not a fan of most beverages other than flavored vodka, water, coffee and tea. I generally leave the vodka consumption for a rare evening beverage. Coffee in the mornings, tea in the evenings and water all day long. But for some reason yesterday, I was tired of coffee (I know!) and didn't want to drink water. So I filled a glass container with hot water from the insta hot and dropped a couple of the Pomegranate White Tea bags from Chan. I just loved how the water looked as the tea started to steep and stain it. After it was all done - I poured it into a crystal pitcher that doesn't often see the light of day. Prior to pouring the lovely red liquid into the pitcher, I filled it with ice.
Next, I found a matching crystal glass. These pretty dishes are one of the few items I still have from an old life. They were purchased during my first marriage when we lived in England. For several years we used the glasses as our everyday drink wear, but they started having to be thrown out due to chips, I put them away and now only use them occasionally. They do make a pretty beverage seem even more delicious.
This pomegranate white tea - iced was very light. It was a refreshing change from water and totally did the job of quenching my thirst. And it's hard to tell, but it's a beautiful pink!


  1. Looks good, tastes good, and shockingly, is good for you too! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. The glass and pitcher are pretty. I drink tea in the morning through the afternoon, and water through the evening, so I sympathize with wanting a change once in a while. We have a well with great water - friends take gallon jugs with them when they're here - I often ask my hubby to bring me a glass of "Fat Broad Springs"!

    I'll have to find some of your pretty pink tea!


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