July 22, 2008

A Good Foundation

Ever since reading the comments on the hard post, I have been on the lookout for better foundation garments. Not necessarily spanx, because I have some and I don't love them. For me - spanx does not live up the promises. Mine fall down, the legs roll up and bunch and they are very uncomfortable. I'd rather wear control top nylons - just saying. I recently purchased the new People magazine. In it there is a Fruit of the Loom ad that shows a real woman wearing her underwear. She's dressed in a fruit of the loom fit for me cotton boy shorts. What caught my attention with this ad is that fact that the woman looks great, she looks comfortable and while she's not model skinny - she's a normal, healthy weight, there is no bulge over the top of her panties. In that same issue, there is also an for curvation. While that woman also looks fabulous, she has a bulge over the top of her panty line. I don't want that - but I also don't want to wear panties that reach the bottom of my bra. So, I'm asking you - what do you wear? Are you happy with the fit? Does your underwear help you feel sexy, even if it's cotton? I know - personal questions, but if you don't mind - inquiring minds want to know. As for the "hard" post - I'm doing better. I still have really hard days, but the sun has been out and the top has been down on my car. I'm taking days for myself, literally doing nothing, and refusing to apologize for it when JB gets home and asks what I've done all day. I'm eating better. Spending more time in the sewing room and knitting. Thankfully, I don't feel like I'm trudging through molasses anymore - thanks so much for all your comments and emails. I truly appreciate it. Blogging is wonderful - for the support alone, but knowing that's you're not alone - Priceless.


  1. i've seen those spanx things....sorry, don't think i could do it. i would feel like a sausage all day.

    anyhoo....as for the foundation pieces. make mine. jalie 2329, which seems to be OOP. however 2568 looks close. i use the low rise boy cut style. way comfy and no creeping....even thru a taekwondo class. i make the "tops" too. took a class with anne st clair of needlenook. omg. what a difference it makes to wear the right size. not hard to sew. at this rate, i may never need to set foot in a mall again. :)

    btw, you look fine to me. the models in the magazines could use a cheeseburger or two. ignore them.


  2. Good ol' Hanes for Her, cotton hi-cut briefs. I've never had any luck with Spanx either, for the record.

  3. I love VS Pink collection. They have a variety of different styles including boyshorts (my mom's favorite), bikini (they don't creep up on me) or thong (some styles are actually comfortable as far as thongs go).

  4. I make string bikinis from soft cotton knit with really soft elastic, and color coordinated front lace panels. All the commercially available panties bite into my fat rolls, and when I tried on the first pair for hubby and he exclaimed, "Hey, that's cute!" I knew I had something. OK, so I'm not so cute now, approaching 48, but I still try, and he appreciates that. And making undies that are sexy but still fit my imperfect body, well, that makes me feel sexy. Your posts are looking a little more upbeat, even the one where the cookie attacked, and I'm happy about that! And you've got to smile just making those colorful socks, and having JB make off-the-wall comments like the bamboo socks reminding him about The Mask!

  5. I am so glad you posed this ?. I am on a mission for good undies. Sounds easy, right? NO...frustrating. My faves are no longer made, and they are just plain cotton, from JCrew. they were the BEST. Have tried Ambrielle from JCPenney, and a few of the pairs are great, a few fell apart the FIRST washing.
    Now am trying Jockey for her. Will let you know what i think. Be sure to post a review about the Fruit of the Loom!

  6. I'm so glad things are going better - that is wonderful to hear.
    Spanx - I like them but I don't like paying $25/pair pantyhose and having them run after/during one wearing. That's just not in my budget. I love their tights, now those last through many wearings & washings.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think on the ones that you are trying. I definately need some new undergarments ;)


  7. update, AVOID Jockey for Her bikini. They are total granny panties, and create a wicked panty line.

  8. I'm so glad things are going better with you! I love Spanx but I'll only bother with them under a very fitted knit dress. For the most part, I wear thongs. They are super-comfortable once you get used to them - the trick is to try a size larger than you normally take. I also LOOOOOVE UnderArmour boyshorts. They are basically a short version of Spanx and very breathable - and seamless! They are nice under dresses and skirts. There is a similar panty made by Champion and available at Target for a lot less $$ - similar but I don't love them as much.


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