July 24, 2008


Dudley - August 18, 1998
Abigail Jane - December 1, 1999
Lucy Lou (she was named after Lucille Ball) - August 11, 2003
Beauregard James - August 11, 2003
We have some birthdays approaching.


  1. Awwww....so cute! Thor likes applesauce cake with meringue on top for his birthday! He wanted me to tell you that for Lucy, Beau and Dudley.

  2. What's on the menu for the birthday parties? Filet mignon, perhaps? Cat food -- my dogs'favorite treat? Enjoyed your pooch pix.

  3. Love the photos. One big party for all three?

  4. Better get those doggy cakes on order!!

  5. what pretty babies. I'm sure they are looking forward to the doggie birthday cake mom will be making them. :)

  6. Your pup portraits are awesome.

  7. Oh what great pics!! Sounds like a B-day party is coming on!


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