July 9, 2008

Coat Progress

I finally purchased the lining for my Great Coat Sew Along coat. Which I still haven't made the muslin for. Anyway, thanks to Erica B and Denver Fabrics my lining is now on it's way. Remember that my coat is red. I am wanting to get the exam room paper to use to trace my pattern before making up the muslin. I'm gonna email my doc today and see if there is someplace locally I can purchase that tissue like paper. I have another 3 day weekend. Currently - I only have 1 pre-cut project on my table (well, okay, 1 that I care to finish there are 3 others) and no pending crafty projects. So, I'm hoping to make progress on a coat muslin this weekend.


  1. One thing you might want to try is checking with any local printers in your area - because of how presses work, often times they'll have ends of paper rolls left over, and will either sell them for very little or give them away (since it means they don't have to pay to have them pulped). This also means you may be able to get heavier-weight paper for patterns you use a lot and don't want to rip up. :)

  2. fabulous lining! every coat should have fabulous lining like that.

  3. That lining is really pretty! Your coat is going to be just wonderful! Now, aren't you glad you listened to JB and went with red for the coat?

  4. Pretty socks, pretty pedi, pretty paisley, and... hoo-hoo paper? Wow. I turn my back for one day and you're running amok and shaking down the doc's office for exam-bed paper. Excellent idea, btw, and I'm checking my paper suppliers tomorrow to see if they sell it.
    Now that you've shown us the lining, I can't wait to see the actual coat... fall will be here in a few, erm, months... I guess you have plenty of time, never mind me. signed, impatience


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