July 20, 2008

Bamboo Meadow

I finally finished something. These socks have been named Bamboo Meadow by me and the "Jim Carrey" socks by JB. He says when he sees them all he sees if Jim Carrey in The Mask. These socks were knit using Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn in the meadow colorway. I used a US 1 needle, knit both socks at the same time from the toes up, magic looping all the way. I did a 60% short row heel and reversed the stitch so the bumps are on the outside of the sock, rather than on the foot side. The stitch pattern is a semi made up one. I saw a friend knitting a pair of socks at knitting group that she called big bamboo. Upon doing an Internet search, I couldn't find any such stitch pattern. I used a 4 stitch repeat and proceeded as follows: Rows 1-5: Purl 1, Knit 3, repeat to end Rows 6-7: Purl 1, Knit 3, *Purl 5, Knit 3* repeat around Rows 8-12: Purl 1, Knit 3, repeat to end Rows: 13-14: Purl 5, Knit 3, repeat to end. What you get is a stitch pattern that loosely resembles the knobs on a bamboo plant. JB was getting tired of helping me photograph socks, so he decided we needed to compare Miss Lucy's socks with mine. As you can see - she doesn't have socks. Oh, by the way, I made these with a turned down cuff. So after getting the leg to the height I was after, I reversed the pattern so when I folded the top down - the right side of the pattern would show - pretty nifty :)


  1. Love the colors, but I can see the MASK connection... The Lucy feet shot makes me want to go home and hold feet with Sissy. Fred liked to hold feet too... is it a hound thing, or just my freaks?

  2. Yeah, I can see JB's viewpoint.

    Thor holds feet too. Must be a hound thing - a mastiff is just a giant hound, after all...

  3. So, miss fancy-pants, designing your own footwear now... I. Am. So. Proud. And nice details. Excuse me, but your inner dressmaker is showing. Love the bold colors, too.

    Gotta get readt for a birthday 'outing' for miss Redrhonda with Melly tonight. I believe Batman is involved. And a hole-in-the-wall Italian eatery... could actually be a blast. Have a wonderful Monday! C


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