June 30, 2008

Look Ma - She Sews!

I finally finished this blue jersey t-shirt that has been cut out for months. I had originally cut it in preparation of the March Sewing Retreat. I didn't make it during retreat because I forgot to take clear elastic. I like to add it to the shoulder seams to help stabilize them. (The pattern is Kwik Sew 3338.) I used fusible bias on the neck and hemlines, but not on the sleeves. As you can tell I haven't even worn the red skirt yet, because Lou is still wearing it and yes, I did drag her out into the dog yard to take the photo yesterday. I'm not sure what I bumped when I brought her back in, but she's now shorter than I am and lists a little to the left (that would be her left). After that I worked on a yellow version of the same top. The front is double layered (I can't tell you too much more or I won't have anything left for a post on that top). It just needs hems and a photo shoot - should be finished tomorrow night.


  1. The new top looks great. I really like it paired with that skirt. So colourful!!

  2. I love the blue top - it really looks cool and comfortable. That red skirt if gorgeous. Hmm, I need something red too.

  3. That's a nice top; I like the color. My favorite tops are very similar to that in style and shape. Dress them up or dress them down - that's the perfect garment for me!

    And Lou should really let you have your new red skirt soon! How can you stand having not worn it yet?

  4. Good for you! FOs feel so good, don't they?

  5. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who names her dressmaker's dummy. Lou, meet Elizabeth.


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