June 18, 2006

Still haven't figured out the camera

So, Saturday dawned grey and gloomy. I loaded 2 rolls of fabric and some detergent into the jeep, placing fabric strategically around dog hair. Stopped and filled 2 super load washers at the local laundromat. Then I headed to the local yarn store, where I was able to exchange a circular needle that I bought on my way to the lengthy blood test, but in my haste, I picked up the wrong size - sure was glad I had another knitting project with me while sitting the hospital for hours. I also picked up 2 hanks of Cascade 220 in pinks to make a tea cozy for the Princess. She'll need one once she moves out. Then it was off to Costco. Not sure what I bought but the car was loaded down! Back to the laundromat to put the yardage into the dryers. We then walked to Taco Bell for lunch - nutritious! NOT!!! Sent the Princess home to drop off the food. I was finished wrestling yards of fabric by the time she got back. So, home it was. After that I spent the next 3 hours cleaning house. Upon ariving in the sewing room I found JB sitting at this very computer playing poker and watching game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals. So, I started dinner - much healthier than lunch and finished the paisley skirt from last week. Just need to finish off the top, iron the curtain fabric and get busy. I promised somebody curtains before his poker buddies arrive next Saturday night! What was I thinking????

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