June 27, 2006

Musings & Ramblings

I don't know what blogs you all follow, but there are several I love. Because I truly enjoy and stalk those blogs, I asked The Musical One to add them to my sidebar, which she so nicely did. I need to have her add a few more :) Anyway - Carolyn asked what helps you get your sewing mojo back. A few days ago Lisa posted about both of her grandma's and learning to sew. All of this has had me thinking for the last couple of days. To top that off, Kerstin has just made a new 'comforting' blanket which is beautiful! The brain has been spinning full tilt! I'm not sure I can string a coherent sentence together. So, let's start at the beginning. My only Grandmother taught me to do all things crafty at about the ripe old age of 8. I remember crocheting bell bottoms for barbie. Making up the pattern as I went along. I can crochet, knit & sew. I learned to tat within the last 10 years. I have made doilies, knit tons of sweaters and made lots of garments. Grandma, however, didn't teach me everything she knew, it wasn't until 10-12 years ago that I learned to match plaid (I know, I'm sure she was rolling over too). I clearly and vividly remember my Aunt purchasing dresses from Nordstroms, literally traipsing through the living room of Grandma's house and then returning the dress. My Aunt would have a "Kelly Original" (that's what the tag said!) within a week of returning the dress. Grandma didn't teach me that, either. Grandma did teach me to love creating, crafting and making original items. I am the only one of my siblings who does anything remotely crafty. I remember sitting on the floor of my apartment, operating the foot control with my knee to make summer dresses just after I got out of high school. I made many a party dress for my younger sister who doesn't sew. My first experience with nap was when I made a pair of grey corduroy pants for my younger brother - yep, pockets and pants legs all had a different nap. He liked them though and wore them until he outgrew the pants of different colors. After I got married, I sewed sporadically and when the kids needed something. Generally at the beginning of summer, the beginning of the school year, Christmas & Easter. When the girls were small, I really began knitting more than sewing, it was so much more portable and we lived in England. Truly everyone knitted. After getting married for the last time and purchasing a new house, I finally upgraded my sewing machine, bought my first serger and set up a dedicated area of the house to my craft. It was beautiful. I began sewing daily. Craft items and clothing. While I enjoy the occasional craft project thrown into the mix, my true love has always been garment construction. I have learned lots in just the last 10 years or so, the importance of making a muslin, how to read some drag lines, altering patterns to get a better fit, as well as construction methods to eliminate the 'loving hands at home' appearance. Anyway - Carolyn asked what inspires you to sew. I have been thinking about that since reading her post. Currently, I can't stop thinking about the stuff I would rather be doing, but I'm not whining about the curtains again. So, a dreaded project inspires me. Get it done with so I can move onto the fun stuff. Making something useful. Making needed items. I loved making both of the girls' prom dresses. Presently The Princess is on a cruise and she took her prom dress with her for formal nights. Feels great to know that she likes the dress enough to (a) keep it and (b) wear it after the fact. Kerstin is knitting for others. This is something that moves me, rings a bell somewhere, I don't know, I can't even begin to explain it. Somehow it seems to very important to knit silly little squares and mail them off to someone I don't know and will never meet. Somehow it touches a little part of me and others who ask what I'm knitting while I sit at Applebee's with JB. It's important. It's easy and makes such a difference. I guess this truly was a rambling post.


  1. Gaylen ~ I am truly honored that my words and my blog inspire you!

  2. Not rambling, but thoughful and thought provoking. Thanks for the beautiful words today.

  3. Ditto Carolyn! ;)

    My Grandma R -- the gardener -- was also a first-rate crocheter (doilies were a necessity in the days when worn sofa and chair arms were covered rather than replaced) and hand-embroiderist (pillow cases) and, for a while, she made jewelry from Hobby Lobby beads. She passed on some of the embroidery and bead work to me, but I never got the crocheting; my granny squares always curled up. I remember giving up after just a few rounds and using the result as a Barbie hat.

    It fit....

    And I well know the frustration of having to do some 'production' sewing, while some lovely bit of fabric and an equally lovely pattern is singing a siren song! Keep plugging away on the curtains; they WILL be done eventually and you'll have your sewing time back to your muse again!


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